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Our Prices:

Option 1 – Test Website

If you are looking for a website to make sales then you have two choices.

  • Option 1: Test your market online before you commit to an expensive website, or
  • Option 2: You know your strategy and are just looking for professional web designers.

If you decide a test is right for your business then what you are trying to discover is what level of budget can you justify based on the activity from your low cost test website?

For example if your test created 3 months worth of sales totaling £4k/month then you are armed with clear indication of what to spend. You may decide that the test website is all you need, or you may decide that a full £8K website is now justifiable and the intelligence from the website can be adopted to make even more sales?

If your budgets are tight we have further help…

We also have a 13 page pdf document that explains how this works if you would like to try some of these steps yourself


Please note: The steps below can be purchased separately.

Step 1 – Building your website

We recommend an easy to edit 5-8 page test website: £850.00 + VAT

This is based on copy and images provided.

If we write for you the price is £1200 + VAT



Step 2 – Drive traffic to test with Google Pay-Per-Click

We recommend a 3 month test: Our monthly fee is £450.00/month

We also recommend a minimum spend of £350/month to advertise on Google.

The more you spend with Google the more conclusive the answers.



Step 3 – Tracking & testing

Your website needs to be tracked and tested each month £150/month

This means setting up conversation tracking and Google analytics filters and Goals and make changes.

This is the most important part of the process. As we will discover what keywords your customer are typing in the search engines that then result in sales.

Once we have this information then we are armed to buy those keywords at a reduced rate and increase the traffic most likey to buy from you

The result cheaper advertsing and more sales!



Step 4 Conclusion

1 hour meeting to discuss next steps – FREE!

This meeting is designed to decide on direction based on the data collected.



Option B – Bespoke website build…POA

Not all businesses require a sales driven website and some business may have a defined strategy for getting traffic to their website.

  • If you would like a quote please request a call back


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