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Email marketing

Discover how your website could be creating sales
for your competition - Every day!

As you scan this page you will start to feel a sense of calm as you realise your gut feeling was right, email marketing is critical to your success online. I will explain why…

Imagine a visitor to your website is interested in your products or services. You provide them with all the information they need to buy your product.

Delighted they are now armed with the great information they leave your website.

NOTE: Even if someone gets brilliant information, the chances of them calling you or buying are slim. Statistics show that unless you are a big brand, potential customers will need around 7 visits to your website before they will buy.

At some point that visitor will want to buy, but the chances of them remembering your website even if they bookmarked you will be slim.

So they go in search again. This time thanks to your website, they are armed with all the information they need to buy, they quickly find your competitors and they make a purchase.

"Now tell me..! Does that make good
business sense to you?"

Discover the simple steps to ensure this never happens again.

When people are searching for products and services, what they are really searching for is information. They are looking for a company that they can trust, that understands their need and can provide the perfect solution for them.

Basically, they need convincing.

Now image they are on your website they like what you have to say, but they are about to leave. They then discover you are offering information that is even more valuable free. But to get this they have to sign-up on a simple form using their name and their email.

This is the gold you are after.

Once they sign-up they are redirected to a new page where they gain access to even more information or a download of a brochure, report or white paper, what you give them is up to you.

Now this is the critical part.

You have step-up what we call an auto-responder that automatically emails your new visitor with even more help and information about the product or service they were interested in. Each email also provides a link back to your website to discover even more great information.

You can set the number of emails and the times apart they are sent this can be set over years. How many and how often you decide.

This keeps your business front of mind plus when the visitor does decide to buy the chances of them choosing your company are now dramatically increased.

The visitor now trusts your business more than your competitors because you are now seen as the expert they were looking for to help them.

The example above is just one small pat of the amazing power email marketing will bring to your business.

If you want to ensure you stay ahead of the competition then discover the power of Infusionsoft today!

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