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Our websites will reflect your brand & help customers understand your offer fast?

Our goal is to provide you will the most effective yet affordable web design to help your customers buy from you as quickly as possible after we complete the build.

Currently we are in a recession, what you are looking for is a solution that is going to save you money and create more margin for your business in the next quarter and throughout the year. In today's economy surviving to fight another day is the goal of most businesses.

Whatever web solution you need from a simple brochure website to a full ecommerce solution to developing your current website we can help you create a value added tool to maximize your chance of growing your business.

How do we do this?

  • Firstly we understand your business and your customers.
    Our objective is to simply match and drive potential customers looking for your service to your website.

  • Secondly we look at the key objectives of what the website needs to do. I.E. sustain margins and convert those visitors into sales or enquiries.
    One of our key focus areas is to ensure you do not drop your prices in response to the recession. The goal is to create more value for your offer in the minds of the customer by making sure your solution/offer is unique which puts you above and apart from the competition.

  • Thirdly we then discover how we can help you increase the value of each customer to further maximize revenue.
    This could be simply defining existing products to up sell or creating information products to add more revenue to aid scaleability to your business.

An Example

We had a client that was getting 700 visitors per day to their website, yet the sales were low. What we quickly discovered was the visitors were confused about the offer and how to buy. We also discovered the customer value was low. A customer bought a £10.00 product and the sales process ended. We helped them discover that they had many products that fitted that customer profile and so we automated a up-sell campaign to change the customer value to between £10.00- £400.00 per year thus increasing their margin on just one customer.

We had another client who was getting 100 visitor per day and sales were low. What we discovered was the keywords and their offer did not match. Many visitors simply left their website because they were searching for something else.

Most clients that come to us simply do not have traffic and the objective of the website is not clear.

Defining and justifying your budget

If you are serious about getting a website that works for your business then you need to ensure that the spend is justified. We can help you work this out so you are not hurting your business. We are only interested in creating you a solution that will work.

Our formula: We divide the number of visitors Google tells us that visited your chosen keyword last month by the average clicks percentage on your position on page one. Position one gets on average 40% of clicks position 10 get 2.3%. Because our SEO offer is a page one guaranteed we look at the worst case scenario of 2.3% we'll target page one with 20 high volume keywords. We then look at a conversion rate of just 1%, our clients generally get between 2 - 12% conversion.

Example: 800,000 monthly Google searches divided by 2.3% = 18,400 visitors to your website each month. 1% sales conversion = 184 sales per month. If you then half this figure of sales per month then we can see if the sales and spend are justified. If you sold a £100 product then the gross sales would be approx £9200 per month or £110,400 per year. Of course we would need to discover your keywords your product values to provide an accurate estimated target.

The number of searches can vary from keyword to keyword, some clients have a monthly search volume potential of 3.5million+.

We can tell you the volume of searches last month and you can then decide what level of spend is justified for your business.

Please remember our figures are only based on Google and this mean that the search volumes could be much higher from Yahoo, MSN, Bing and many more.

In summary

We are not interested in building you a website if we feel that you will be wasting your money. Our honest advice, if you are not looking at how to you are going to get potential clients to your website and how you are going to convert those visitors into customers then either reconsider that thought or save your money and buy the cheapest website you can find, you won't make sales but at least you have saved yourself from an unnecessary spend in a recession.

I'm sure if you are interested you will have questions so please request a call back today