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5 Steps to creating a WordPress SEO friendly website for your business

WordPress is easy cost effective & loved by
the search engines

It maybe amazingly cheap to get started, but the easy functionality, usability combined with the fact that Google loves the SEO capabilities of WordPress means you can get customers to your website fast.

"One of our clients made £40,000
in just 9 months simply following the steps below"

One of our clients has a 10 page WordPress website, in less than 1 year they have made an addition £40,000. What’s even more amazing is this was roofing company during a recession.

WordPress websites are so easy to use

Getting started is really not expensive so below is a list of what you need to get started this advice is assuming you know what your are setting your website up to do.

  • E.g. Sell your products or services or you just wish to build a blog see what happens.

First please bookmark this page so you can come back to it as you build your website and go to the next step.


Getting your website started

Step 1: WordPress Friendly Hosting

There are 3 companies that we recommend because the WordPress instillation is so simple and step-by-step.
Choose the hosting that feels right to you and then install WordPress for FREE!

Step 2: WordPress theme

Once you set up your hosting you will require a theme. This will give your website a really professional look. The link below will provide you with a company that will not only provide you with beautiful designs at very low prices, but there is a huge support network should you require help setting up your website.

Step 3: SEO for WordPress

Now install the following free plugins:

Click the links, download the folders and unzip them. Then up load these all to the WordPress plugin folder.

Step 4. Set up your permalinks for SEO

In your WordPress dash board. Click settings and go to perm links. You will see a setting called custom structure click on this and enter…
…this will allow Google to see the keywords in your URLs.

Step 5. Fast track your SEO Knowledge

Step 5 comes as an option A or option B because this comes down to your individual tastes or learning style. In an ideal world get both. But either way these are your best lowest cost options for getting traffic guaranteed!

  • If you like to learn SEO Online with a leading Expert click – Option A
  • If you like to run software and work out how SEO works then click – Option B

Goodluck and let us know how you get on




*Please note: Whilst it is possible to make any amount of revenue using the advice stated above we cannot guarantee or make any such claims that you will. It takes work and commitment to make this happen. This is not a get rich quick scheme and only those truly committed to their business should try.

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    Thanks Joe as you know WordPress is great for the attracting traffic thorough the search engines! Anyone could have a functioning website up and running in a few hours, it so simple!

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