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Online Sales Lead Generation Model for Serious Businesses

97% of Websites Don’t Generate Leads or Make Sales!

If you are one of the 97% don’t worry because you are about to discover the steps to be in the top 3% for Online Sales Lead Generation. The solution is simple logical and best of all measurable.

This is high speed direct marketing

What’s great about this model is there is no mistakes just more intelligence.


Dear Marketing Professional

Below is a lot of information that will significantly increase your chances of implementing an effective process/strategy to generate quality targeted sales leads from the internet.

This is intelligent and measurable use of internet technology
designed to increase revenue for your business.

Imagine being able to set-up an effective, trackable online sales & lead generation marketing campaign suitable for business to business (B2B) and for business to consumers (B2C).

Whether your strategy is long-term growth or short-term campaigns generating a bespoke message within a defined lead generation system will give you flexibility and a means to react fast to your industry changes.

This step-by-step online lead generation process is for you if…

  • You’ve discovered that your website is a poor sales performer.
  • You get the impression that everyone else is doing better online than you.
  • You know that you could do better online but don’t know which way to turn.
  • Maybe you want to test a market before you spend £1000’s

And most importantly if you are considering having a website built and sales is your top goal then this could literally save you either £1000’s or years!

How does it work

The process is simple and the implementation is fast. It’s designed to help you discover the customers who are most likely to be buying from you long before you splash out on an expensive website or throw money at an expensive campaign.

Targeted lead generation – Driving the right traffic

You will understand the most effective way to drive traffic to your lead generation pages. The important factor with traffic is knowing the most effective method of getting it and then tracking it.

You can discover…

1. How a prospect has arrived at your website in detail?
2. How long have they stayed ?
3. What action if any did they take?

What you will start to see is a pattern start to form of the keywords, geographic location and activity people are using to get to you lead generation pages and what they do once they are there.

What is a lead generation landing page?

This page is directly related to the keywords the user put into the search engines. To be successful your website visitor should have very few choices once on your page. Either they will take the desired actions you have set or they will leave.

Many websites are far too busy that it’s easy to distract a potential customer from their original goal and this is a potential lost sale.

Qualified lead generation – Email Marketing

One of the most recommended actions of this page is a simple form name and email, which the user will use in exchange for the promise of more information, e.g. a report, white paper, catalogue, coupon, or competition, the choice is yours.

What’s critical for those who do not use email marketing is that most of your sales will come from this activity alone. This is because firstly you have a method of capturing the details of someone interested in what you do who would normal land on your website and leave without you knowing.

Plus if you are going to rely on them coming back, you will have a long wait so grab them while you can. They are possibly a customer for the future even if they are not ready to buy now.

Everything is in place what now?

What you have created is a starting point to which your progress can be measured and improved.

Test Everything – Testing is the key to generating serious revenue online

Each one of these steps is 100% measurable which means that if you not getting enough traffic your keywords might be wrong. If your landing page is bouncing (causing visitors to leave fast) then change it until the bounce rate falls. If you not getting email sign-ups then maybe the exchange of email for report or catalogue is not enticing enough.

The secret is AB testing. Test two landing pages until you start to get the result you want.

Our lead generation services – A True life story

Real life example of this process in action using a small business a domain less than one year old. In December 2008 Thame Roofing Launched a 10 page website. Within 8 months of that Launch they turned over an addition £40K. What they did which was different to other companies is they tracked and measured everything and whatever was not working they changed.

roof repair

Check out their website it’s not beautiful or flash but it is designed to makes sales and it does this very well. We created this basic website once we had completed all our tests detailed above.

Remember this process is critical to use before you build your website. Or if you have a website this will help you discover why it is not working.


By using this process you will discover

  • Why your website is not making sales
  • How to drive volumes buying customers to your website
  • How to convert those visitors into prospect s
  • How to turn prospects into customers even those who are not ready to buy today.
  • How to improve the performance of every step using AB testing
  • Dramatically increase you chances of generating volumes of hot leads automatically

Our Guarantee

Anyone following these steps will significantly improve their knowledge of their marketing online. Using that knowledge an increase in performance at each step is possible and this increases your chances of generating hot leads.

How to get this information in detail.

I know you will have more questions such as

  • What method of getting traffic is going to be most effective?
  • What does a lead generation landing page look like?
  • What email marketing should I use?

The answers to all these questions

Option 1 –

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Option 2 –

If you would like to talk to us to discover how we can implement this for your company today then please click here fill out the short form and we will call you back.


Thank you for your attention

The Flipsem Team


P.S. Remember without a successful sales focused lead generation process you are probably losing revenue everyday. Most company websites don’t do this so now is your chance to start to monopolise your market. You can bet your competition is not aware of this, but as the word gets out they soon will be.

P.P.S Testing is the key to generating revenue online. If you follow the usual model of getting a website built and then doing nothing except moan that websites don’t work then the block is you until you can see that just maybe there are other methods and processes to profit online.
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