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Why are we offering test websites?

The main reason is we want proof that your website will attract prospects that convert into customers before we recommend a major spend. What we want to see is sales directly from the search engines through a low cost website.

The spend on your main website build should be directly reflected by the gross profit it generates. A low cost test website will help us both understand your particular market and the needs of your customers.

If the test website does not attract buyers then a large budget website is now a big risk.

Test, test and test again…

For example we created a 10 page website that cost £1200+ testing, advertising and tracking for Thame Roofing. Through testing and changes, we discovered that their market online was between £100K-£250K a year. They were getting £20k per month at last review Jan 2010. The test usually takes 2-3 months, however the longer the test the better.

If you received these figures then making a decision about budgets for a website would be a no risk to market spend.

What most companies do usually creates disappointment.

When most companies want a website they become very serious about the content, the images the logo every little detail is pawed over, and who can blame them. After all if your website was going to cost £5k-£10K you would want to get it right.

The problem with this is the carefully crafted pages images and text that may do nothing for your customers and now the changes would cost a fortune.

The truth about internet marketing is no one knows what will work online. The only way to discover the reality is to test it and let your customers tell you what they think through their actions.

The choice is yours.