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Now imagine if your business was missing out on 100k+ of business without knowing, now how would you feel?

This roller coaster is exactly what happened to this client, a small business in Buckinghamshire when we tested their website.

As you sit scanning this page you can start to feel relaxed that just maybe you have discovered the steps to help your company prosper in 2010.


Dear Marketing Professional

In 2009 we teamed up with various internet marketing experts in their field to test if we could get a new small business 10 page website into profit within a year during a recession.

We have published the results for you to download opposite. In this document are the steps we took that achieved £40,000 revenue in 2009 and are on target for £100k+ in 2010. The results for January 2010 top £20K.

In this report we will also provide you with the experts we used and access to their individual strategies.

Follow what we did and increase your sales.

Discover for yourself if there is...

  • A market for online for your Companies product or services?
  • What kind of lead generation website is going to be most effective?
  • How can you appeal to the people most likely to buy from you?
  • How can a new website visitor be converted into a customer?
  • When your website is successful how can you achieve more new business sales?

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Many business website owners are losing a lot of money every day through no fault of their own. This white paper has been created so you can discover how to take the right steps and ask the right question before you spend on advertising for new business.

New business experts help with ideas and plans

You will also have access to the experts websites, strategies and information so you can even try these strategies out yourself. See pages 12 & 13 of your download.

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