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Targeted Marketing using a website strategy designed to make money whilst you sleep

STEP ONE: Build Your Website

Not just web designers, our job is to help you achieve a highly profitable website. Even if you have 10K to spend we will recommend a low cost testing site before you take that risk!

Our professional web designers will build a low cost 5-8 page website to test your online market. We do this so you don't spend too much money on a dead online market or spend too little missing out on £100k revenue.

This happened to a recent client. Through testing we discovered how much revenue they were losing without knowing. This is documented here.

STEP FOUR: Review The Results

Within a 8-12 weeks we will have site stats and sales figures to discuss.

The results from these figures then provide direction for

  • (1). Further testing
  • (2). Agreement the market is online is dead or
  • (3). Results indicating a strong revenue and justification for a comprehensive website build.

We want our web designers to build you a £5K-£10K website, but only if we can justify the spend through these results.

STEP TWO: Driving Traffic

Once our web designers have built your low cost test website, we then need to drive your prospects to it.

Our job is to discover the keywords your potential customers are using in the search engines that are consistantly resulting in sales for your business.

Once we discover this trend then we are armed to only put advertising budget where there is proof of revenue for your business.

The most effective way of getting this traffic is using Pay-Per-Click in Google.

STEP FIVE: Testimonial

We are delighted with the results from our website test. We have had sales topping £40,000 from our test website in 2009 and are now on track to achieving £100,000 of sales directly from our website in 2010.

We have no hesitation in recommending Flipsem web designers for their amazing work

Managing Director Thame Roofing

View the low cost website this company used to attract £20,000 from the search engines in January 2010 Thame Roofing Repairs

STEP THREE: Testing = Profits

Tracking how prospects react to your website is critical for making sales. We test the ad's the landing pages and the conversion to sales rates.

If 1% is converting lets target 5%. With careful tracking most markets increase revenue!

Our Live Tracking click map. White areas equal more clicks

website click tracking

Click image to enlarge

STEP SIX: Contact us

Who is this strategy designed for?

  • If you are looking for a new website to make sales
  • If you have a website, but want to test the online market for specific products
  • If you are looking to increase your online presence and dominate a market

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We are a agency of website marketing professionals, SEO consultants, web designers and PPC & SEO experts near Aylesbury & Oxford, ready to get you results!

Our objective is to turn your website into a revenue generating tool!

Our primary focus is on making sure that we understand your key objectives. We'll manage your expectation by creating clear targets and effective managment of your budget to maximise your spend to return ratio.

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Email Marketing - Powerful CRM

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